(1-component or 2-component) 

In this area you will find containers with a volume of 180ml – 1500ml.

Our paint & varnish cans are primarily used for filling with thinners, hardeners for paints and varnishes and glazes. Our cans with steel or aluminium full tear-open lids can also be used as 2-component packaging by combining components A+B with a connecting ring.

Of course we also have other variants in our delivery program, just talk to us.

Standard delivery program

Cylindrical can

99/95 x 119mm
99 x 149mm
108 x 132mm
118 x 130mm
118 x 170mm
140 x 50mm


Can with lid with steel or aluminium full tear-open lid
Ring can with clamp cover (patent lid can)
Spatula can
Funnel jug

99 x 65mm
99 x 75mm
99 x 80mm
99 x 95mm
99 x 119mm
99 x 148mm
99 x 160mm
99 x 190mm
108 x 132mm


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